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A healthy body must have a healthy mouth Maine professionals agree...


The Maine Oral Health Coalition (MDAC) is a public-private partnership focused on improving access to oral health care. It was convened in June 1997 as a collaboration between Maine's Oral Health Program (OHP) and the Maine Children's Alliance, a children's advocacy organization. This totally ad hoc group has grown to over 120 individuals, representing themselves, dental, and other health professional associations, community and State agencies, foundations, and other groups and individuals across the state.

The Coalition's mission is "To advocate for and improve access to quality preventative and comprehensive oral health care for all Maine residents." Its strategy is " to engage state government, health care providers, community agencies, and consumers to work together to achieve a system that maximizes resources, respects the needs of all, and allows timely access to quality services that meet the unique oral health needs of all Maine people."