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A healthy body must have a healthy mouth Maine professionals agree...


The full Coalition meets quarterly, in Augusta, and committees meet as needed. The Governing Council is the decision making body, with input from all members 2012-2013 members are listed here. Other committees are outlined below.

The Policy Work Group

·         Educates legislators and other policy makers on oral health issues; cultivates and supports oral health champions in the legislature.

·    Researches, develops, proposes, supports oral health legislation or policy changes.

·         Actively encourages new organizations to join MDAC to work on oral health policy, and actively works with other health coalitions around common goals.

The Hands On Team

Works on specific priorities within the Oral Health Plan, emphasizing those that have to do with behavioral modification at the clinical/community level including:

·         Increasing oral health screenings in well child visits.

·         Increasing childcare provider capacity to do oral assessment and guidance.

·         Increasing dental practices that see children under three.

The current project of this group is the Head Start Dental Home Initiative.

Community Water Fluoridation Advisory Committee

·         Encourages safe and efficient operation of public water systems that fluoridate.

·         Facilitates education about and promotion of CWF.

·         Seeks appropriate funding for new or replacement equipment for communities and water systems to implement or continue fluoridation.

·         Maintains Maine’s achievement of the Healthy People objective for CWF.

·         Facilitates mobilization of support for CWF when it is challenged.

·         Provides support for the state OHP to meet needs of the CDC Infrastructure grant.

 Maine Health Workforce Forum

MDAC members will serve as an oral health subcommittee within the Forum to address:

·         Data collection on Maine’s oral health workforce.

·         Responding to opportunities for student loan repayments.

·         Connecting Maine’s oral health workforce to Department of Labor training opportunities.

·         Supporting oral health workforce training grants.

 Conference Planning (Ad Hoc)

The proposed topic for MDAC’s 2013 conference is Oral Health and Aging or the Oral Systemic Link, opportunity for Collaboration.  Committee members will reach out to multiple individual and organizational partners with an interest in adult oral health– in the nonprofit sector, government, business and elsewhere – to share planning this event.